Predictions Week 22: The Wonder Years Is Likely To Be Renewed

The Wonder Years is likely to be renewed. Its ratings have been just above the ABC scripted average all season, more than good enough for renewal. Can it maintain them if it moves time slots next season? Fans should keep their fingers crossed!

Edited 2/15 to reflect Promised Land cancellation.

TV Grim Reaper’s predictions are for scripted broadcast primetime show renewals for the 2022-23 season or cancellations by the end of the 2021-22 season.
Table sortable by clicking on column headings.

NetShow (Producer)Status
ABCAbbott Elementary (WB/Disney)likely renewed
ABCA Million Little Things (Disney)likely renewed
ABCBig Sky (Disney)likely renewed
ABCblack-ish (Disney)renanceled*
ABCGrey's Anatomy (Disney)renewed
ABCHome Economics (Disney/Lionsgate)likely renewed
ABCPromised Land (Disney)canceled
ABCQueens (Disney)likely canceled
ABCStation 19 (Disney)renewed
ABCThe Conners (Carsey-Werner)likely renewed
ABCThe Goldbergs (Sony)likely renewed
ABCThe Good Doctor (Disney/Sony)likely renewed, RENEWED 3/30
ABCThe Rookie (Disney/eOne)likely renewed, RENEWED 3/30
ABCThe Wonder Years (Disney)likely renewed
CBSBlue Bloods (CBS)likely renewed
CBSBob Hearts Abishola (WB)renewed
CBSB Positive (WB)likely renewed
CBSBull (CBS)canceled
CBSCSI: Vegasrenewed
CBSEqualizer (CBS/NBCU)likely renewed
CBSFBI (CBS/NBCU)likely renewed
CBSFBI: International (CBS/NBCU)
likely renewed
CBSFBI: Most Wanted (CBS)likely renewed
CBSGhosts (CBS/BBC/Lionsgate)renewed
CBSGood Sam (CBS)likely canceled
CBSMagnum, P.I. (CBS/NBCU)likely renewed
CBSNCIS (CBS)likely renewed
CBSNCIS: Hawaii (CBS)likely renewed
CBSNCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)likely canceled
CBSSEAL Team (CBS)finished on CBS, moved to Paramount+
CBSSWAT (CBS/Sony)likely renewed
CBSThe Neighborhood (CBS)renewed
CBSUnited States of Al (WB)likely renewed
CBSYoung Sheldon (WB)renewed through '23-'24 season
CW4400 (CBS)likely renewed
CWAll American (WB)likely renewed
CWBatwoman (WB)likely renewed
CWDC's Legends Of Tomorrow (WB)likely renewed
CWDynasty (CBS)likely renewed
CWIn The Dark (CBS)likely renewed
CWKung Fu (WB)likely renewed
CWLegacies (WB)likely renewed
CWNancy Drew (CBS)likely renewed
CWNaomi (WB)likely renewed
CWRiverdale (WB)likely renewed
CWRoswell, NM (WB)likely renewed
CWSuperman And Lois (WB)likely renewed
CWThe Flash (WB)renewed
CWWalker (CBS)likely renewed
Fox9-1-1 (Disney)likely renewed
Fox9-1-1: Lonestar (Disney)likely renewed
FoxBob's Burgers (Disney)renewed
FoxCall Me Kat (WB)likely renewed
FoxDuncanville (Fox/Disney/NBCU)renewed for s3, scheduling unknown
FoxFamily Guy (Disney)renewed
FoxOur Kind of People (Disney)canceled
FoxPivoting (WB/Fox)likely canceled
FoxThe Big Leap (Disney)canceled
FoxThe Cleaning Lady (Fox/WB)likely renewed
FoxThe Great North (Fox/Disney)renewed
FoxThe Resident (Disney)likely renewed
FoxThe Simpsons (Disney)renewed
NBCAmerican Auto (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCChicago Fire (NBCU)renewed
NBCChicago Med (NBCU)renewed
NBCChicago P.D. (NBCU)renewed
NBCGrand Crew (NBCU)likely canceled
NBCKenan (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCLa Brea (NBCU)renewed
NBCLaw & Order: OC (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCLaw & Order: SVU (NBCU)renewed
NBCNew Amsterdam (NBCU)renewed
NBCOrdinary Joe (Disney)canceled
NBCThe Blacklist (Sony)likely renewed
NBCThis Is Us (Disney)renanceled*

ABC shows predicted to be canceled

Queens – terrible ratings, rookie show
Promised Landterrible ratings, rookie show, CANCELED 2/15

ABC shows predicted to be renewed

A Million Little Things – lowest rated ABC scripted show last fall, at risk of cancellation, but syndication economics may keep it going.
Home Economics  – borderline ratings, barely leaning renewal
The Rookie, Big Sky – low rated, but 10pm shows often survive with far lower ratings than other time slots.
The Goldbergs  – highly rated, but old and expensive, cancellation would not be a surprise.
The Conners, The Good Doctor, Abbott Elementary, The Wonder Years  – would be surprised by cancellation

CBS shows predicted to be canceled

Good Sam – terrible ratings. CBS premiered 4 rookie dramas in the fall, they’ll renew all of them, they’ll cancel Good Sam.
NCIS:LA   – when a cast member says it’s over, it’s almost always over.

CBS shows predicted to be renewed

NCIS, Blue Bloods – ratings aren’t a problem, but there is always cancellation danger for these very old, expensive CBS dramas, since their (non-public) syndication deals determine their longevity. Given the “news” about NCIS:LA, these two shows are less likely in danger.
B Positive, United States of Al – One WB Lorre sitcom was renewed (Bob Hearts Abishola), these two were not. That’s unusual timing. As freakish as a Lorre sitcom season two cancellation would be, it’s now a possibility.
FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, FBI: International, Magnum, PI, SWAT, NCIS: Hawaii, Equalizer  – would be surprised by cancellation

CW shows predicted to be canceled

I won’t be surprised to see several cancellations, but impossible for me to predict which shows.

CW shows predicted to be renewed

Batwoman, Nancy Drew, Legends of Tomorrow, Dynasty, In the Dark, Legacies, Riverdale, Roswell, NM, Walker, All American, Superman & Lois, 4400, Naomi – The CW is for sale! I’ve got no idea how that might effect the decisions that CBS & WB Studios make on their shows, but I’ll predict they renew them all, and take a few L’s on the shows they’ll inevitably cancel.

Fox shows predicted to be canceled

Pivoting – terrible ratings. Enjoy whatever episodes Fox decides to air.

Fox shows predicted to be renewed

Call Me Kat – terrible ratings. Will Fox renew any live action sitcoms this season?
The Resident, 9-1-1, 9-1-1:Lonestar, The Cleaning Lady – would be surprised by cancellation

NBC shows predicted to be canceled

Grand Crew– terrible ratings, bottom of the pile of low rated NBC sitcoms

NBC shows predicted to be renewed

Kenan– terrible ratings. How many of their dreadfully rated sitcoms will NBC keep?
American Auto – top of the low rated NBC sitcoms currently
The Blacklist– among NBC’s lowest rated shows, but another super cheap deal from Sony could save it for a season 10.
Law & Order: OC – would be surprised by cancellation

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The reaper’s running prediction tally this season: 13-0

  • Right: LaBrea, CSI:Vegas, Our Kind Of People, The Big Leap, Ordinary Joe, Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, Bull, Ghosts, Bob Hearts Abishola, The Neighborhood, The Flash, Promised Land
  • Wrong:

Renewed before their season began:
Young Sheldon, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, The Great North, The Simpsons, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Law & Order SVU & New Amsterdam were renewed for their next season before their 2021-22 seasons began. Duncanville was renewed for season 3, but with an unknown start date.

*Renanceled (renewed for a final season):
blackish & This Is Us were renanceled and will end in the 2021-22 season.

SEAL Team aired 4 episodes on CBS, and moved the remainder of s5 to Paramount+.

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