Full List Of All Canceled And Renewed Broadcast Scripted Shows For The 2020-21 Season

Full List Of All Canceled And Renewed Broadcast Scripted Shows For The 2020-21 Season

As this was written, the fates of Good Girls (canceled 6/25), Manifest (canceled 6/14), Zoey’s Amazing Playlist (canceled 6/9) & Debris (canceled 5/27) were unknown. The post will be updated with the news when it appears.

Now, let’s breakdown this year’s misses!

Decently rated veteran shows

Superstore, Mom, NCIS: New Orleans & MacGyver were all decently rated veteran shows when they were canceled. This happens when the costs of producing more episodes exceeds the financial payback from ad sales + syndication sales, all of which is non-public information. I’m almost never going to get these kinds of predictions correct.

Strategy timing fail

Bless the Harts was terribly rated, and likely headed for cancellation, but it was predicted likely renewed when it was canceled.

How could I be so stupid?

In a typical season, there are cancellations of failed rookie shows in the Nov-Dec period (this season’s strange timing meant that didn’t happen), and then usually little to no news of cancellations until late April. For that reason, I default to “likely renewed” if I think there’s any chance of renewal until mid-April.

In Bless the Harts case, animated shows are often produced well in advance and you never know when there’s already another season “in the can” (witness what happened with The Great North) and the shows are sometimes surprisingly renewed.

Late premiering rookie

Rebel was decently rated (89% of ABC’s scripted avg rating), but when a network premiers a show late in the season that already indicates it’s a low priority. I thought its decent ratings would overcome that low priority, but they didn’t!

3rd season miss

Third season shows like Manifest are almost always renewed, regardless of the ratings. In this case, the operative word is “almost”. I’ll miss similar predictions 100% of the time.

This season’s 60-7 (90%) record was slightly better than recent seasons. Given the relatively few shows (90-100 shows has been typical in recent seasons), and the compressed timing of the “real’ season, I’m happy with that!

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NetShow (Producer)Status
ABCA Million Little Things (Disney)renewed
ABCAmerican Housewife (Disney)canceled
ABCBig Sky (Disney)renewed
ABCblack-ish (Disney)renanceled*
ABCCall Your Mother (Sony)canceled
ABCFor Life (Disney/Sony)canceled
ABCGrey's Anatomy (Disney)renewed
ABCHome Economics (Disney/Lionsgate)renewed
ABCMixed-ish (Disney)canceled
ABCRebel (Sony/Disney)canceled
ABCStation 19 (Disney)renewed
ABCThe Conners (Carsey-Werner)renewed
ABCThe Goldbergs (Sony)renewed
ABCThe Good Doctor (Disney/Sony)renewed
ABCThe Rookie (Disney/eOne)renewed
CBSAll Rise (WB/CBS)canceled
CBSBlue Bloods (CBS)renewed
CBSBob Hearts Abishola (WB)renewed
CBSB Positive (WB)renewed
CBSBull (CBS)renewed
CBSClarice (CBS)canceled
CBSEqualizer (CBS/NBCU)renewed
CBSFBI: Most Wanted (CBS)renewed
CBSMacGyver (CBS)canceled
CBSMagnum, P.I. (CBS/NBCU)renewed
CBSMom (WB)canceled
CBSNCIS (CBS)renewed
CBSNCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)renewed
CBSNCIS: New Orleans (CBS)canceled
CBSSEAL Team (CBS)renewed for 4 eps on CBS, rest of s5 on Paramount+
CBSSWAT (CBS/Sony)renewed
CBSThe Neighborhood (CBS)renewed
CBSThe Unicorn (CBS)canceled
CBSUnited States of Al (WB)renewed
CBSYoung Sheldon (WB)renewed through '23-'24 season
CWAll American (WB)renewed
CWBatwoman (WB)renewed
CWBlack Lightning (WB)renanceled*
CWCharmed (CBS)renewed
CWDC's Legends Of Tomorrow (WB)renewed
CWDynasty (CBS)renewed
CWIn The Dark (CBS)renewed
CWKung Fu (WB)renewed
CWLegacies (WB)renewed
CWNancy Drew (CBS)renewed
CWRiverdale (WB)renewed
CWRoswell, NM (WB)renewed
CWSupergirl (WB)renanceled*
CWSuperman And Lois (WB)renewed
CWThe Flash (WB)renewed
CWWalker (CBS)renewed
Fox9-1-1 (Disney)renewed
Fox9-1-1: Lonestar (Disney)renewed
FoxBless The Harts (Fox/Disney)canceled
FoxBob's Burgers (Disney)renewed through '22-'23 season
FoxCall Me Kat (WB)renewed
FoxDuncanville (Fox/Disney/NBCU)renewed for season 3, season 2 premieres May, 2021
FoxFamily Guy (Disney)renewed through '22-'23 season
FoxLast Man Standing (Disney)renanceled*
FoxProdigal Son (WB/Fox)canceled
FoxThe Great North (Fox/Disney)renewed through '22-'23 season
FoxThe Moodys (Fox/CBS)canceled
FoxThe Resident (Disney)renewed
FoxThe Simpsons (Disney)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCBrooklyn Nine-Nine (NBCU)renanceled* (ending in '21-'22)
NBCChicago Fire (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCChicago Med (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCChicago P.D. (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCConnecting (NBCU)canceled
NBCDebris (NBCU)canceled
NBCGood Girls (NBCU)canceled
NBCKenan (NBCU)renewed
NBCLaw & Order: OC (NBCU)renewed
NBCLaw & Order: SVU (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCManifest (WB)canceled
NBCMr. Mayor (NBCU)renewed
NBCNew Amsterdam (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCSuperstore (NBCU)canceled
NBCThe Blacklist (Sony)renewed
NBCThis Is Us (Disney)renanceled*
NBCYoung Rock (NBCU)renewed
NBCZoey's Extraordinary Playlist (NBCU)canceled

Why no predictions for Fox’s LA’s Finest, Filthy Rich, & NEXT; CBS’s Star Trek Discovery, Manhunt:Deadly Games, & One Day At A Time; CW’s Pandora, The Outpost, Devils, Coroner, & Swamp Thing; and NBC’s Transplant?

All of those shows were either no hope “mid-season” shows from the 2019-20 season delayed into Fall 2020, or shows that had aired “elsewhere” (outside the US, on cable, or on SVOD) and were bought/corporate transferred for Fall 2020 fill in purposes only. None of them have any in-season futures on US broadcast networks, so predictions for them are moot.

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The reaper’s final prediction tally this season: 60-7

    • Right: Connecting, The Blacklist, Walker, Batwoman, Nancy Drew, Charmed, Legends of Tomorrow, Dynasty, In the Dark, Legacies, Riverdale, Roswell, NM, The Flash, The Neighborhood, Bob Hears Abishola, Superman & Lois, The Simpsons, Equalizer, Mr. Mayor, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, Young Sheldon, NCIS, Bull, SWAT, Magnum PI, Blue Bloods, The Moodys, NCIS:LA, Young Rock, Kenan, Kung Fu, The Good Doctor, Big Sky, Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, Call Me Kat, Prodigal Son, blackish, The Goldbergs, The Conners, A Million Little Things, Home Economics, The Rookie, Law & Order: OC, American Housewife, Mixedish, For Life, Clarice, The Unicorn, All Rise, B Positive, The United States of Al, 911, 911: Lone Star, The Resident, SEAL Team, Debris, Zoey’s Amazing Playlist, Good Girls
    • Wrong: Superstore, Mom, NCIS: New Orleans, Bless The Harts, MacGyver, Rebel, Manifest

Already renewed:
Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago, PD, Law & Order: SVU, New Amsterdam & This is Us were renewed for the 2021-22 season before their 2020-21 seasons began.

The Great North was renewed for the 2021-22 season before its 2020-21 season began. It was renewed for the 2022-23 season on 5/17/21.

*Renanceled (renewed for a final season):
Supergirl, Black Lightning, & Last Man Standing were renanceled before their seasons began and will end in the 2020-21 season.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, blackish & This Is Us were renanceled and will end in the 2021-22 season.

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