Predictions Week 30: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Is Likely To Be Canceled

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is likely to be canceled. Its ratings are among NBC’s lowest this spring, and unlike the similarly low rated Good Girls, it has neither Netflix backing nor California taxpayer subsidy to potentially save it.

In last week’s news, CBS surprisingly canceled MacGyver after 5 seasons. Another prediction miss! Given that, I’ve moved SWAT back to likely renewed. Very unlikely that CBS cans 3 veteran dramas in one season.

Fox renewed Duncanville for s3 before the premier of s2. There was no prediction, since the entire s2 will air in the summer.

TV Grim Reaper’s predictions are for scripted broadcast primetime show renewals for the 2021-22 season or cancellations by the end of the 2020-21 season.

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NetShow (Producer)Status
ABCA Million Little Things (Disney)likely renewal
ABCAmerican Housewife (Disney)likely renewal
ABCBig Sky (Disney)likely renewal
ABCblack-ish (Disney)likely renewal
ABCCall Your Mother (Sony)likely cancellation
ABCFor Life (Disney/Sony)likely cancellation
ABCGrey's Anatomy (Disney)likely renewal
ABCHome Economics (ABC/Lionsgate)likely renewal
ABCMixed-ish (Disney)likely renewal
ABCRebel (Sony/ABC)likely renewal
ABCStation 19 (Disney)likely renewal
ABCThe Conners (Carsey-Werner)likely renewal
ABCThe Goldbergs (Sony)likely renewal
ABCThe Good Doctor (Disney/Sony)likely renewal
ABCThe Rookie (Disney/eOne)likely renewal
CBSAll Rise (WB/CBS)likely renewal
CBSBlue Bloods (CBS)likely renewal
CBSBob Hearts Abishola (WB)renewed
CBSB Positive (WB)likely renewal
CBSBull (CBS)likely renewal
CBSClarice (CBS)likely cancellation
CBSEqualizer (CBS/NBCU)renewed
CBSFBI: Most Wanted (CBS)renewed
CBSMacGyver (CBS)canceled
CBSMagnum, P.I. (CBS/NBCU)certain renewal
CBSMom (WB)canceled
CBSNCIS (CBS)likely renewal
CBSNCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)likely renewal
CBSNCIS: New Orleans (CBS)canceled
CBSSEAL Team (CBS)likely renewal
CBSSWAT (CBS/Sony)likely renewal
CBSThe Neighborhood (CBS)renewed
CBSThe Unicorn (CBS)likely renewal
CBSUnited States of Al (WB)likely renewal
CBSYoung Sheldon (WB)renewed through '23-'24 season
CWAll American (WB)renewed
CWBatwoman (WB)renewed
CWBlack Lightning (WB)renanceled*
CWCharmed (CBS)renewed
CWDC's Legends Of Tomorrow (WB)renewed
CWDynasty (CBS)renewed
CWIn The Dark (CBS)renewed
CWKung Fu (WB)likely renewal
CWLegacies (WB)renewed
CWNancy Drew (CBS)renewed
CWRiverdale (WB)renewed
CWRoswell, NM (WB)renewed
CWSupergirl (WB)renanceled*
CWSuperman And Lois (WB)renewed
CWThe Flash (WB)renewed
CWWalker (CBS)renewed
Fox9-1-1 (Disney)likely renewal
Fox9-1-1: Lonestar (Disney)likely renewal
FoxBless The Harts (Fox/Disney)canceled
FoxBob's Burgers (Disney)renewed through '22-'23 season
FoxCall Me Kat (WB)likely renewal
FoxDuncanville (Fox/Disney/NBCU)renewed for season 3, season 2 premieres May, 2021
FoxFamily Guy (Disney)renewed through '22-'23 season
FoxLast Man Standing (Disney)renanceled*
FoxProdigal Son (WB/Fox)likely cancellation
FoxThe Great North (Fox/Disney)renewed
FoxThe Moodys (Fox/CBS)likely cancellation
FoxThe Resident (Disney)likely renewal
FoxThe Simpsons (Disney)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCBrooklyn Nine-Nine (NBCU)renanceled* (ending in '21-'22)
NBCChicago Fire (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCChicago Med (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCChicago P.D. (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCConnecting (NBCU)canceled
NBCDebris (NBCU)likely cancellation
NBCGood Girls (NBCU)likely cancellation
NBCKenan (NBCU)likely renewal
NBCLaw & Order: OC (NBCU)likely renewal
NBCLaw & Order: SVU (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCManifest (WB)likely renewal
NBCMr. Mayor (NBCU)renewed
NBCNew Amsterdam (NBCU)renewed through '22-'23 season
NBCSuperstore (NBCU)canceled
NBCThe Blacklist (Sony)renewed
NBCThis Is Us (Disney)renewed
NBCYoung Rock (NBCU)likely renewal
NBCZoey's Extraordinary Playlist (NBCU)likely cancellation

ABC shows predicted to be canceled

Call Your Mother – ratings have fallen to a level where renewal is unlikely.
For Life  – currently ABC’s lowest rated scripted show

ABC shows predicted to be renewed

Home Economics, Rebel – Premier ratings were “not DOA”. Stay tuned.
Mixed-ish – ratings have fallen to borderline renewal levels. Stay tuned.
The Conners, The Rookie, A Million Little Things – third season shows are rarely canceled, no matter the ratings.
Black-ish, The Goldbergs, Grey’s Anatomy,  American Housewife, Big Sky, The Good Doctor  – ratings in the renewal range.

CBS shows predicted to be canceled

Clarice – lowest rated CBS rookie show

CBS shows predicted to be renewed

B Positive, The Unicorn – both shows ratings have moved low in recent weeks, will be a close call for both.
United States of Al – Decent premier ratings. Stay tuned.
SWAT – ratings are near CBS’s lowest, but CBS 4th season drama cancellations are rare. Changed prediction due to the cancellation of MacGyver.
NCIS: LA, Blue Bloods, NCIS – there WAS some danger for these very old CBS dramas, since their (non-public) syndication deals determine their longevity, but now that NCIS: New Orleans was canceled, I’d be shocked if any of the others were canceled this season.
Magnum, PI – third season shows that will have completed 66 episodes are guaranteed renewal.
SEAL Team, All Rise – ratings in the renewal range.

CW shows predicted to be canceled

CW shows predicted to be renewed

Kung Fu – Spring premier rookies are the only CW shows even remotely in danger of cancellation.

Fox shows predicted to be canceled

Prodigal Son – low ratings
The Moodys – dreadful premier ratings

Fox shows predicted to be renewed

The Resident, Call Me Kat – ratings in the renewal range.

NBC shows predicted to be canceled

Debris – rookie show, very low ratings
Good Girls – its usual terrible ratings, however, the combination of Netflix co-production and CA taxpayer subsidy still might save it
Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – among the lowest rated NBC shows this spring.

NBC shows predicted to be renewed

Law & Order: OC – great premier ratings
Manifest – third season shows are rarely canceled, no matter the ratings
Young Rock, Kenan – ratings in the renewal range

Why no predictions for Fox’s LA’s Finest, Filthy Rich, & NEXT; CBS’s Star Trek Discovery, Manhunt:Deadly Games, & One Day At A Time; CW’s Pandora, The Outpost, Devils, Coroner, & Swamp Thing; and NBC’s Transplant?

All of those shows were either no hope “mid-season” shows from the 2019-20 season delayed into Fall 2020, or shows that had aired “elsewhere” (outside the US, on cable, or on SVOD) and were bought/corporate transferred for Fall 2020 fill in purposes only. None of them have any in-season futures on US broadcast networks, so predictions for them are moot.

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The reaper’s running prediction tally this season: 22-5

  • Right: Connecting, The Blacklist, Walker, Batwoman, Nancy Drew, Charmed, Legends of Tomorrow, Dynasty, In the Dark, Legacies, Riverdale, Roswell, NM, The Flash, The Neighborhood, Bob Hears Abishola, Superman & Lois, The Simpsons, Equalizer, Mr. Mayor, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, Young Sheldon
  • Wrong: Superstore, Mom, NCIS: New Orleans, Bless The Harts, MacGyver

Already renewed:
Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago, PD, Law & Order: SVU, New Amsterdam, The Great North & This is Us were renewed for the 2021-22 season before their 2020-21 seasons began.

*Renanceled (renewed for a final season):
Supergirl, Black Lightning, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (in 2021-22) & Last Man Standing were renanceled before their seasons began and will end in the 2020-21 season.

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