Predictions Week 26: Champions Is Likely To Be Canceled

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Champions is likely to be canceled.

Champions is likely to be canceled. It had the lowest rated premiere of any NBC rookie show this season.

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Canceled/likely canceled = not returning/predicted not to return in 2018-19 season
Renewed/likely renewed = returning/predicted to return in 2018-19 season

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NetShow (Producer)Status
ABCAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)likely canceled
ABCAmerican Housewife (ABC)likely renewed
ABCblack-ish (ABC)likely renewed
ABCDeception (WB)likely renewed
ABCDesignated Survivor (ABC)likely renewed
ABCFresh Off The Boat (Fox)likely renewed
ABCFor The People (ABC)likely canceled
ABCGrey's Anatomy (ABC)likely renewed
ABCHow To Get Away With Murder (ABC)likely renewed
ABCKevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC)likely canceled
ABCMarvel’s Inhumans (ABC)likely canceled
ABCModern Family (Fox)renewed
ABCQuantico (ABC)summer
ABCOnce Upon A Time (ABC)canceled
ABCScandal (ABC)canceled
ABCSpeechless (ABC/Fox)likely renewed
ABCTen Days In The Valley (Skydance)canceled
ABCThe Goldbergs (Sony)renewed
ABCThe Good Doctor (ABC/Sony)renewed
ABCThe Mayor (ABC)canceled
ABCThe Middle (WB)canceled
CBS9JKL (CBS)likely canceled
CBSBlue Bloods (CBS)likely renewed
CBSBull (CBS)likely renewed
CBSCode Black (CBS/ABC)summer
CBSCriminal Minds (CBS/ABC)likely renewed
CBSElementary (CBS)summer
CBSHawaii Five-0 (CBS)likely renewed
CBSKevin Can Wait (CBS/Sony)likely renewed
CBSLife in Pieces (Fox)likely renewed
CBSLiving Biblically (WB)likely canceled
CBSMacGyver (CBS)likely renewed
CBSMadam Secretary (CBS)likely renewed
CBSMan With A Plan (CBS)likely renewed
CBSMe, Myself & I (CBS/WB)canceled
CBSMom (WB)likely renewed
CBSNCIS (CBS)likely renewed
CBSNCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)likely renewed
CBSNCIS: New Orleans (CBS)likely renewed
CBSScorpion (CBS)likely renewed
CBSSEAL Team (CBS)likely renewed
CBSSuperior Donuts (CBS)likely renewed
CBSSWAT (CBS/Sony)likely renewed
CBSThe Big Bang Theory (WB)renewed
CBSWisdom Of The Crowd (CBS/NBCU)canceled
CBSYoung Sheldon (WB)renewed
CWArrow (WB)likely renewed
CWBlack Lightning (WB)likely renewed
CWCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (CBS/WB)likely renewed
CWDC's Legends Of Tomorrow (WB)likely renewed
CWDynasty (CBS)likely renewed
CWiZombie (WB)likely renewed
CWJane The Virgin (CBS/WB)likely renewed
CWLife Sentence (WB)likely canceled
CWRiverdale (WB)likely renewed
CWSupergirl (WB)likely renewed
CWSupernatural (WB)likely renewed
CWThe 100 (WB)summer
CWThe Flash (WB)likely renewed
CWThe Originals (WB)canceled
CWValor (CBS/WB)canceled
Fox9-1-1 (Fox)renewed
FoxBob's Burgers (Fox)likely renewed
FoxBrooklyn Nine-Nine (NBCU)likely canceled
FoxEmpire (Fox)likely renewed
FoxFamily Guy (Fox)likely renewed
FoxGhosted (Fox)likely canceled
FoxGotham (WB)likely renewed
FoxLA to Vegas (Fox)likely renewed
FoxLethal Weapon (WB)likely renewed
FoxLucifer (WB)likely renewed
FoxNew Girl (Fox)canceled
FoxStar (Fox)likely renewed
FoxThe Exorcist (Fox)likely canceled
FoxThe Gifted (Fox)renewed
FoxThe Last Man On Earth (Fox)likely renewed
FoxThe Mick (Fox)likely renewed
FoxThe Orville (Fox)renewed
FoxThe Resident (Fox)likely renewed
FoxThe Simpsons (Fox)renewed
FoxThe X-Files (Fox)likely canceled
NBCA.P. Bio (NBCU)likely canceled
NBCBlindspot (WB)likely renewed
NBCChampions (NBCU)likely canceled
NBCChicago Fire (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCChicago Med (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCChicago P.D. (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCGood Girls (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCGreat News (NBCU)likely canceled
NBCLaw & Order: SVU (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCLaw & Order: True Crime (NBCU)likely canceled
NBCRise (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCShades Of Blue (NBCU)likely renewed
NBCSuperstore (NBCU)renewed
NBCTaken (NBCU)likely canceled
NBCThe Blacklist (Sony)likely renewed
NBCThe Brave (NBCU)canceled
NBCThe Good Place (NBCU)renewed
NBCThis Is Us (Fox)renewed
NBCTimeless (Sony)likely renewed
NBCWill & Grace (NBCU)renewed

ABC shows predicted to be canceled

For The People – low ratings, rookie show
Kevin (Probably) Saves The World – low ratings, only 3 additional episodes ordered
Inhumans – low ratings, rookie show
Agents of SHIELD – low ratings, old/expensive

ABC shows predicted to be renewed

Designated Survivor – borderline ratings that are probably good enough at 10pm
American Housewife, black-ish, Fresh Off The Boat, Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Speechless, Deception– ratings in the renewal range, no negative issues

CBS shows predicted to be canceled

9JKL – low ratings, only three additional episodes ordered
Living Biblically – lowest rated CBS rookie premiere, owned by Warner Brothers

CBS shows predicted to be renewed

SEAL Team – the currently lower rated of the two surviving Fall rookie dramas, may change based on how well Instinct does in the Spring.
Criminal Minds – ratings still fine, old/expensive, owned by ABC, likely the first veteran drama to be canceled
Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS:LA – ratings still fine, old/expensive, if more than one veteran drama gets canceled, it will be one of these
Madam Secretary, NCIS:NO, Scorpion – CBS hasn’t canceled a CBS Studios drama after its 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th season in recent memory
NCIS, Kevin Can Wait, Life In Pieces, Man With A Plan, Mom, Bull, MacGyver, SWAT, Superior Donuts – ratings in the renewal range, no negative issues

CW shows predicted to be canceled

Life Sentence had the lowest rated premiere of any CW scripted show ever, and it’s produced by Warner Brothers. Only CBS Studios produced shows get to survive with ridiculously low ratings on the CW.

CW shows predicted to be renewed

Dynasty – lowest rated CW show, in-season move to Friday, but the CW will have 20% more airtime next season, and they’ve got to fill it with something.
Jane The Virgin – The CW has in the past canceled low rated shows after 70 episodes, however  the CW will have 20% more airtime next season, and they’ve got to fill it with something.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, iZombie – CW has canceled only one non-rookie show with fewer than 70 episodes in the Pedowitz era (The Carrie Diaries)
Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, Riverdale, Supergirl, Supernatural, The Flash, Black Lightning – ratings in the renewal range, no negative issues

Fox shows predicted to be canceled

The Exorcist – ultra-low ratings
Ghosted – borderline ratings, Spring return date indefinitely postponed.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – low ratings, old/expensive, owned by NBCU
The X-Files Gillian Anderson is done, and the show won’t return without her.

Fox shows predicted to be renewed

Last Man On Earth, Gotham, The Mick – borderline ratings, listed from most to least at risk
Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Empire, Lethal Weapon, Star, LA to Vegas, The Resident – ratings in the renewal range, no negative issues

NBC shows predicted to be canceled

Law & Order: True Crime – low ratings, rookie show
Great News – lowest rated NBC sitcom, episodes being burned off in December, only 13 episodes ordered, with no additional back order
Taken – lowest rated show on NBC
A.P. Bio – low ratings, rookie show
Champions – lowest rated NBC rookie premiere this season, rookie show

NBC shows predicted to be renewed

Rise – premiere ratings weren’t terrible, but are nearly irrelevant, its ratings when it moves to 9pm will tell the tale.
Timeless – low ratings, but the big check Sony wrote to NBC saved it last year, it might again.
Blindspot – third season shows produced by third party studios (WB) are almost never canceled.
Shades of Blue – third season shows owned by the network’s studio are almost certain to be renewed no matter how many episodes they have produced
Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, SVU, The Blacklist, Good Girls – ratings in the renewal range, no negative issues

Summer shows

The 100, Elementary, Code Black, Quantico – Shows that air most of their episodes in the summer aren’t competing for a regular season timeslot next season, and the reaper only predicts renewals for the 2018-19 regular season.

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The reaper’s running prediction tally this season: 14-0

  • Right: Ten Days In The Valley, Me Myself & I, The Orville, Valor, The Brave, The Good Place, Wisdom Of The Crowd, The Mayor, The Gifted, Young Sheldon, 9-1-1, Once Upon A Time, Superstore, The Good Doctor
  • Wrong:

Modern Family, The Goldbergs, The Simpsons, Will & Grace, This Is Us, and The Big Bang Theory were renewed before the season began.

Scandal, The Originals, The Middle and New Girl were canceled before the season began.

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