Predictions Week 5: The Mayor Is Likely To Be Canceled

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TV Grim Reaper’s predictions are for scripted broadcast primetime show renewals for the 2018-19 season or cancellations by the end of the 2017-18 season.

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Program% Renewal Chance
Ten Days In The Valley (Skydance)0% canceled 10/26
Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC)45%
Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC)45%
The Mayor (ABC)45%
Once Upon A Time (ABC)55%
How To Get Away With Murder  (ABC)65%
Designated Survivor (ABC)70%
Fresh Off The Boat (Fox)70%
Speechless (ABC/Fox)80%
Grey’s Anatomy  (ABC)90%
black-ish (ABC)95%
American Housewife (ABC)99%
The Good Doctor (ABC/Sony)99%
Scandal (ABC)canceled
The Middle (WB)canceled
Modern Family (Fox)renewed
The Goldbergs (Sony)renewed
9JKL (CBS)45%
Me, Myself & I (CBS/WB)45%
Wisdom Of The Crowd (CBS/NBCU)45%
Criminal Minds (CBS/ABC)65%
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)65%
MacGyver (CBS)65%
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) 65%
SEAL Team (CBS)70%
Blue Bloods  (CBS)75%
Code Black (CBS/ABC)75%
Kevin Can Wait (CBS/Sony)80%
Madam Secretary (CBS)90%
NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)90%
Scorpion (CBS)90%
Young Sheldon (WB)90%
Life in Pieces (Fox)95%
Bull (CBS)99%
The Big Bang Theory (WB)renewed
Valor (CBS/WB)20%
The 100 (WB)45%
Dynasty (CBS)55%
Jane The Virgin (CBS/WB)55%
Arrow (WB)95%
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  (CBS/WB)95%
DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow (WB)95%
iZombie (WB)95%
Riverdale (WB)95%
Supernatural (WB)95%
The Flash (WB)99%
Supergirl (WB)100%
The Originals (WB)canceled
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBCU)55%
Ghosted (Fox)55%
Gotham (WB)55%
The Exorcist (Fox)55%
The Mick (Fox)55%
The Last Man On Earth (Fox)60%
Bob’s Burgers (Fox)75%
The Orville (Fox)80%
Lethal Weapon (WB)85%
The Gifted (Fox)90%
Lucifer (WB)95%
Star (Fox)95%
Empire (Fox)99%
Family Guy (Fox)99%
New Girl (Fox)canceled
The Simpsons (Fox)renewed
Law & Order: True Crime (NBCU)45%
The Brave (NBCU)45%
Great News (NBCU)55%
The Blacklist (Sony)55%
Shades Of Blue (NBCU)75%
The Good Place (NBCU)85%
Chicago Fire (NBCU)90%
Chicago P.D. (NBCU)90%
Law & Order: SVU (NBCU)90%
Superstore (NBCU)90%
Blindspot (WB)95%
Chicago Med (NBCU)100%
This Is Us (Fox)renewed
Will & Grace (NBCU)renewed

The Mayor is likely to be canceled.

It’s a rookie, and the lowest rated ABC sitcom, and ABC’s got three sitcoms waiting for mid-season slots. Something’s gotta go!

“Back 9” Season Is Nearly Upon Us

Given that “back 9” episode orders are likely to begin to ramp up soon, the lack of additional episodes ordered for a show will mark it as canceled. In anticipation of the news, the reaper’s moving many of his rookie show predictions negative. They’ll be in the headline when there’s room in future weeks.

The 100, iZombie Early Predictions

Except for third season shows, the reaper has in the past waited until after a show premieres to make his first prediction. However, given his confidence in the CW’s recent behavior, he’s changing that.

Once a CW show reaches season 2 the CW doesn’t cancel it until it produces at least 70 episodes. On the other hand, after a low rated (below avg ratings for the CW) show reaches 70 episodes, the CW has usually canceled it (not always! The Originals lasted one more season before being canceled).

For those reasons, predictions for iZombie (near certain renewal due to not having reached 70 episodes at the end of this season) and The 100 (likely cancellation, due to reaching 70+ episodes after this season) are now in the table.

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New this season: Since in-house productions received far more than the typical historical advantage in Spring 2017 renewal decisions, the production company(ies) have been added after each show’s name in the table above for reference.

Where did the emojis go? Why did the prediction table change? Explained in the Week 24 post last season.

Are you missing the ratings information from previous prediction posts? You can view the reaper’s entire spreadsheet of ratings here.

The reaper’s running prediction tally this season: 1-0

  • Right: Ten Days In the Valley
  • Wrong:

Modern Family, The Goldbergs, The Simpsons, Will & Grace, This Is Us, and The Big Bang Theory were renewed before the season began. Scandal, The Originals, The Middle and New Girl were canceled before the season began.

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