The New TV Fan’s Five Stages Of Grief

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In a 1969 book, Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross introduced the concept of the five stages of grief.

When some TV fans’ shows are canceled, or even simply threatened with cancellation, the reaper’s Twitter feed fills with examples of those five stages. Here they are, updated for the modern TV era.

The TV Fan’s Five Stages Of Grief

  1. Denial –  “They’d never cancel a show by Ryan Murphy/Hart Hanson/Steven Spielberg!” “They’ve got nothing else to put in its place!” “It won’t get canceled, it does great internationally!”
  2. Anger – “The idiots who run the network wanted to kill the show!” “I’m going postal if they cancel this show!” “I hate reality TV, it ruins everything!”
  3. Bargaining – “Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/cable will save it!” “Our online petition will save it!” “Retweet this to save the show!” “There’s a Facebook page with 12,457 Likes to save the show!”
  4. Depression – “Every show I like gets canceled.” “I’d be better off watching Netflix/Amazon/DVDs.” “Why should I ever bother watching new TV shows?”
  5. Acceptance – “Well, it did get 5 seasons.” “Thank goodness the finale wrapped up the story.” “At least it wasn’t Lone Starred.”

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