Who is TV Grim Reaper?

Bill Gorman co-founded TV by the Numbers with Robert Seidman prior to the 2007-8 TV season. He began predicting TV show renewals and cancellations during the 2008-9 TV season. In 2009, he created The Cancel Bear character as an avatar to make the prediction process more fun.

In 2014, he & Seidman sold TV by the Numbers to Tribune Digital Ventures. He remained under contract to the Tribune company as The Cancel Bear for the 2014-15 season.

He created TV Grim Reaper in September, 2015 to continue his predictions independently. The Cancel Bear is now owned and operated by the Tribune Company and Bill has nothing to do with it.

What does TV Grim Reaper do?

He publishes predictions (during the US broadcast TV season) for the renewal or cancellation of all broadcast scripted shows that have premiered, weekly on Mondays about 8am Pacific.

How Can You Follow The Reaper?

Daily Chatter & Links To Website Posts

The reaper is watching Twitter seemingly 24/7. That’s the best place to interact with him. He’s not closely watching comments on Facebook. Comments or questions on Facebook may not be answered for a very long time.

All the reaper’s daily chatter on Twitter will be repeated on his Facebook page, but the way the Facebook algorithm works you’re likely to miss plenty of it if you’re just watching your Facebook newsfeed.

Links To Website Posts

These other methods will get links to all the new posts on tvgrimreaper.com, but none of the other commentary the reaper engages in on Twitter.

How does TV Grim Reaper make his predictions?

Here’s a summary of his method.

Is the TV Grim Reaper any good at it?

Here’s his detailed prediction record over recent seasons.

Why the name TV Grim Reaper?

Inspiration from an old press clipping of the bear’s.